Johnson Tailor
Tradition through the ages

How it Works

Like their fathers before them, Michael and Robin Johnson work side by side in their tailor shop, outfitting customers from all over the world in handmade suits that make men look like kings. In this way their craft has been passed through six generations, each one striving to enhance the time-honoured skills of bespoke tailoring. 


We have hundreds of the finest cloths to choose from.  When you visit you can browse through our pattern books and we can discuss the various options available to you. We stock a range of fabrics including the finest Wool, Mohair, Cashmere, Tweed, Linen and Silk.

We also have an extensive selection of linings available. Whether you would like a neutral classic or want to make a statement with some quirky prints, we can offer you the lining you want.


Each suit we make is made individually. We measure you on the initial day when you visit; then each suit is fitted and altered accordingly throughout the making process. Each suit is made to fit the wearer perfectly.


We will guide you through our classic style options, with the help of our sample jackets. There are a range of options when it comes to fits and features. We can also add particular style details if you would like them included in your suit such as extra pockets or buttons. This is an opportunity to customize your suit.

Two or Three or Four

You can order a two piece suit for casual wear, or add a matching waistcoat to create a more formal ensemble for weddings and parties. The obvious advantage of the three-piece is that you have the option to dress your suit up or down. A four piece suit has an additional trousers. It is a personal choice and we will discuss the best options for you.

We will advise you but we will not tell you.

What kind of suit do you need?

We make suits for all occasions and the purpose of the suit can vary from weddings to funerals, through courts or hunting forays, or to lay down a marker in your new job.

Talk with us and we can help you get the perfect suit made especially for you.

We are also happy to make separate jackets, trousers, hunt coats, blazers, top coats and waistcoats.

The details

There are design options for each part of the suit:

·      Lapel: Notched, Peaked, Shawl

·      Vent: No Vent, Single Vent, Double Vent

·      Shoulders: Padded or not (spalla camicia)

·      Cuff: Cuff or No cuff on the bottom of the pants

·      Taper on the pants

·      Pants Break: Full Break, Half Break, Quarter Break, No Break

·      Single or Double Breasted (2 or 3 Buttons)

·      Besom or Flap Pockets

·      Interior Buttons

·      Inner Pockets